About Us

If you have never tried running with a coach who specializes in running, it is likely you have developed some misperceptions about the sport, and probably a few bad habits.

Running for many people was something a teacher forced them to do in a physical education class for fitness, or was a used as punishment by a cranky coach in school or a drill sergeant in the military.  The result was that most people were never properly taught to run; they sprinted until exhausted or nauseous after only a few minutes, and it left an indelible hatred of running, or a belief that they are not cut out for running.  Those teachers and coaches have done you a great disservice.  The real running truth is that 90% of the miles you run for training or fitness should be at a pace you can comfortably have a conversation with someone running with you – any faster than that, and you are potentially setting yourself up for failure or worse, injury.

Many aspiring runners that have managed to avoid the childhood fear of running, have downloaded plans from the internet and started training in earnest for that goal race, only to find themselves injured and dejected after a few weeks of training.  They were probably training too hard, or frequently, with no guidance in the proper pre and post run care necessary to stay healthy.  On top of this, the invention of the modern running shoe in the 1970’s was both a blessing and a curse for aspiring runners.  The cushioning in modern shoes feels great when starting out running, but it can hide poor technique and form that can rapidly result in an injury.  Since you can’t see yourself run, you need someone experienced to run with you, analyze and provide feedback on your upper and lower body form, pace, cadence and technique.  The takeaway?  There is no substitute for running with a coach.

How we are different:

  • All of our group runs are coach lead. Our head coaches are certified by the Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA).  Having a coach on hand during your run allows for immediate feedback to you and answers to any questions you may have.
  • Southwest Endurance Training welcomes all running abilities, but our FOCUS is beginning and novice runners. There are no Olympic runners in Southwest Endurance Training, only a motivated group of runners of all ages who support each other and enjoy running together.  We don’t care what your pace is, you are welcome with us.
  • We teach run/walk interval training to our new runners.  Alternating running and walking during your training allows your body to build up to longer periods of running, particularly important for new runners or returning runners that haven’t been running for some time.  It also allows your body to recover between periods of running, ensures your overall workout isn’t too intense, and provides a rest time to efficiently hydrate (drink water) or during greater distances, take nutrition (food).  Many of our experienced runners, up to and including our marathon runners, choose to train exclusively using the run/walk method and compete in races using this technique.
  • Our training groups are designed to allow you to naturally and gradually progress from a beginning 5k runner (3.1 miles) all the way to running the marathon (26.2 miles), if that is your goal.  Most of our runners choose to remain in one of the groups in between 5k and Marathon, but if the challenge of conquering the next distance race appeals to you, we have a training program to cover you.
  • We have 5k, 10k and Half Marathon training groups on both the Northwest and East Sides of Tucson.  Our marathon group meets all over town.  We periodically have joint group runs, because it’s fun to get the whole group together…and having fun running is what we are about!
  • We have dozens of running routes mapped in Tucson, so we don’t see the same tired River or Randolph Park path loops again and again.
  • Our 5k group goal race registration is included in the group registration cost.
  • Our 10k, 13.1 and 26.2 groups receive customized pacing plans tailored to your goal race pace and training plans for their selected goal race.
  • Our 10k, 13.1 and 26.2 groups have a weekly track session to focus on speed work and form in a controlled environment.


Founded in 2004 by Jeanne and Pete Snell, SWET is proud to have trained brand new 5k runners all the way to Boston Marathon qualifying runners in the Tucson area.  SWET runners have completed hundreds of races and hundreds of thousands of training miles.

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