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  • Jeanne Snell

    RRCA Certified Distance Training Coach

    It's never been an option for Jeanne not to run.  It’s been a joy, an escape, a frustration, a source of pride and simply part of who she is since she could chase boys on the playground.  Jeanne will be the first to tell you that it isn't always about how far or how long you run or walk that matters; it's about how regular exercise will make you look and feel better.  She also knows first-hand how the wrong training regime can lead to an unpleasant, if not injurious, experience. Through Southwest Endurance Training, Jeanne is able to do what she does best--teach people of all ages and abilities how to set and reach their fitness goals. As a RRCA certified distance coach since 2005, Jeanne has been helping new and experienced runners keep moving and have fun.

    Jeanne Snell
  • Pete Snell

    RRCA Certified Distance Training Coach

    Whether it's running the roads and trails or competing in a triathlon, Pete is excited about sharing his passion for healthy living with the Tucson community.  With countless races under his belt – from 5K to Marathon to Ironman – Pete has plenty of experience to share.  As he likes to say, “learn from my mistakes.” As a small business owner for the past 25 years, Pete understands how to make each individual feel special. He treats everyone the same - like family! As a long-time RRCA certified distance coach, Pete leads multiple training groups offered by Southwest Endurance Training.

    Pete Snell