Running Shoe Life

I’ve been getting a bunch of “Hey Coach, do you think I need new shoes?” lately. “Let me see.” (runner presents the bottom of the shoe for inspection, the tread is paper thin and the foam is flat) “Holy mother of God! Go buy new shoes!” My running peeps, you gotta keep an eye on […]

What It Takes

I stumbled on this “gem” today while I was doing some research to update our website: You absolutely, positively, do not have to “run like a legend” to run the marathon.  It’s garbage attitudes like this one that discourage new runners joining that 5K group, stepping up to a 10K, taking on the half marathon […]

SWET the Arizona Distance Classic

Southwest Endurance Training is proud to be the official training group for the Arizona Distance Classic. The Arizona Distance Classic (ADC) is a Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and 5K taking place in Oro Valley, AZ on March 15th, 2020.  ADC is one of our favorite Tucson area races with beautiful views and challenging, but achievable, […]

Experimenting With Running Nutrition

You should be trying new running nutrition strategies. I had a seven mile run scheduled for yesterday afternoon, a medium length run according to my marathon training plan.  It occurred to me that I had left the house without a gel, and probably should take one on this run.  The rule of thumb is that […]


What is STaT? SWET recently completed its STaT pilot program.  STaT, Strength, Track and Trail is a departure from SWET’s typical training profile of running slow distance on only roads.  STaT’s goal was to take pre-conditioned runners and give them two days a week of training at or above lactate threshold for 4 weeks to […]