Experimenting With Running Nutrition

You should be trying new running nutrition strategies. I had a seven mile run scheduled for yesterday afternoon, a medium length run according to my marathon training plan.  It occurred to me that I had left the house without a gel, and probably should take one on this run.  The rule of thumb is that […]


What is STaT? SWET recently completed its STaT pilot program.  STaT, Strength, Track and Trail is a departure from SWET’s typical training profile of running slow distance on only roads.  STaT’s goal was to take pre-conditioned runners and give them two days a week of training at or above lactate threshold for 4 weeks to […]

Southwest Endurance Training Announces Fall 2019 Training Groups

It’s never too early to start planning your training for that next race, or your first!   Southwest Endurance Training has 5k, 10k, 13.1 and 26.1 training groups starting in August and September for goal races this Fall and Winter.  SWET training groups are fully coach led, meet 2-3 times per week, and focus on […]

I love this running club.

One of our runners (Gar) asked me a few months ago why I coach. “This is a lot of work, why do you do this?” I wasn’t prepared for the question, so I went to the simple answer.  “I love SWET. It’s full of great people and I want to do what I can to […]

Meet 5K Runner Myron Pecora!

Think you can’t run?  Myron finished a 5K six months after a hip replacement after training with our 5K Running Start group.   We can get YOU there too.   “About 6 months ago I shattered my hip, landing on concrete while competing in football with young fellows half my age! It has been a long, […]