Meet Andrea Kravitz

Meet Andrea Kravitz! “Before starting with SWET in January 2017, I wasn’t a runner. I attempted to start running in 2014/2015 but wasn’t consistent; my first attempt at a half marathon in 2015 was not pretty – I mostly walked and it took 3 and a half hours. After that, my running was even more […]

Running Philosophy

“Running” has as many definitions as there are people.   Some folks run to win races.  Some run to lose weight.  Some run to eat.  Some run to manage stress and/or to get away from life’s stresses.  Some run to spend time with friends. Some folks only run – it’s a bad day if they have […]

SMART Running Goals

Setting SMART Running Goals Having coached amateur runners over the years – from beginners to seasoned folks – I’ve found that 99 percent have a goal.  For some, it’s getting started running, for others its to achieve a certain distance, while many others just want to get faster.  Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure […]