Introducing 5K Performance

SWET is always looking to keep our training options fresh and challenge our runners, so we are proud to introduce


Our strategy behind 5kPerformace is that we will be performing 2 time trials, one at the start and mid point of the training cycle.  Using this information, we tailor your pacing targets for training and racing.  Training starts on March 14, 2023.  We will be using the Meet Me Downtown 5k on May 27, 2023 to test your new found 5k speed.

5kP meets three times a week, a Tuesday evening interval run, Wednesday evening track session and a Saturday morning long run, with all runs meeting at various locations.

5K Performance is intended for anyone wanting to improve their 5k time and is specifically designed for any current runners graduating our 5k Running Start program.  As with all SWET programs, we tailor our training to all running abilities, using the run/walk interval method for any runners not interested in, or ready to run non-stop.

The only ability requirements to join are that you already able to run 5K (3.1 miles) in one session, using at least a 4/1 run/walk interval or faster.  This is not a “run your first 5k program”, you must be able to run 5k on day 1 of the training.  We don’t care how fast you run that 5k, you just need to be able to go the distance.  We will add the speed.  

Also required is that you have a method to carry water while running, and you have a headlamp or lighting device for visibility.  That’s it.

Let’s find out how fast you can go 5k!

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