Personal Coaching

If you want to become the the best runner you can be, you need a running coach.  There is no substitute for running with a coach.  Running coaches aren’t just for elite athletes. Beginning and novice runners have the most to gain from using a running coach.

Here’s some reasons you need a running coach:

  1. You can’t see yourself run, and may be completely unaware of problems with your form, pace and routine that may be limiting your performance, or even opening you up to an injury.  Having a coach watch you run, and run with you, is invaluable.
  2. You want to run but you don’t know how to get started.  We love making new runners at SWET, we can show you the way, regardless of your age, fitness or experience.
  3. You keep running, but your race times or fitness aren’t improving.  Running improvement comes from introducing new running stresses to your body requiring you to adapt.  Counterintuitively, you actually may be running TOO hard and it’s limiting your performance.  We see this ALL THE TIME with runners new to us, but we can help.
  4. We can review your training plan to see if it’s right for you, or write you a custom plan to meet your goals.
  5. You need the accountability that motivates you to work towards your goals.  Nothing helps accountability like having a coach who cares about your running success and encourages you to keep to the plan.
  6. You may be bored with your running.  We have many unique running workouts to mix up your training a bit.

The biggest bang for your running training dollar is to join one of our running groups, but we understand the groups may not work for your schedule.  Southwest Endurance Training offers personal running coaching, in-person for local runners and remote for those runners who live out of town.  Our head coaches are RRCA certified and can help you reach your goals.

Every runner is different and has different coaching needs.  If you are interested in personal running coaching, you can schedule a consultation here.