Race-Walking 5K Training Group

A close-up shot of a woman's feet walking away from the viewer forward
This 5k training group is specifically designed for walking….Race walking!  It is perfect for introducing movement into your lifestyle no matter the age or fitness level.  This group is also perfect for those who are currently walking but want to take it up a notch and learn the skills to walk faster and stronger.
How does this group work?  We utilize a work/recover interval structure gradually increasing the work time and lowering the recover time over the course of the program to help you safely and effectively build your endurance.  Each week, we introduce a different educational topic to help you build your race walking skills.


Program Highlights:

  • Weekly coach-led group walks
  • This group meets weekly on Saturdays at 6:15 am.  It meets at a new location every week.
  • Participants will need to perform two additional “Honor Walks” during the week on their own using the intervals prescribed for that week.
  • We exclusively teach the work/recover interval method in this group to allow your body to adapt to new levels of exercise.
  • Each week we present different basic race walking concepts from types of stretching, to race walking dynamics, form, hydration and nutrition.
  • The program is 10 – 12 weeks culminating in the goal race.
  • The group registration price includes the goal race entry fee and a team technical shirt.
  • At the end of the training session, you are prepared to transition to the Running Start 5k training program, if running is your goal.
  •  You won’t get bored walking in the same place every time because our groups meet in a variety of locations.


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