Head Coach Owner RRCA Certified

Autumn Ball

Head Coach for the following running groups: Individual Training, Running 365 – 10K to 13.1 M Prep, Running Start, SWEThogs

Why I enjoy coaching: Running is hard! I love working with people, showing them ways to make it a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable! I truly enjoy showing the person who says “I can’t run” that they can run!

My favorite coaching moment: I have a lot of favorite moments but the most meaningful is when a runner reaches out to tell me how much they love our programs and appreciate the tips and time we give them to be successful.

What motivates me to run: Being a mom, a coach, and co-leader for “No Excuse Mom Tucson” all help to keep me motivated but how I feel after the run is what pushes me to keep putting on my running shoes. My husband says “I am never the same person after a run as when I started.” And I could not agree more!

My proudest personal achievement: My proudest personal achievement is finding my path to a healthy lifestyle. Since 2009, I have lost 110 lbs and am so proud to be able to share my struggles and my successes with so many people.