Head Coach RRCA Certified

Brandon Ball

Coach for the following running groups: Individual Training, Running 365 – 10K to 13.1 M Prep, Running 365 – 26.2 Prep, Running Start, SWEThogs

Why I enjoy coaching: I am passionate about running – I want to share what I have learned as well as the motivation and sense of camaraderie you get when you run with a group of people.

My favorite coaching moment: My favorite coaching moment is when you are running with a person who may not be “feeling it” – they aren’t necessarily motivated for a particular run and you help them push through the mental block. When they tell you after the run, “Thanks for pushing me” or “That was way better than I thought it was going to be”, it’s incredibly rewarding.

What motivates me to run: I am never the same person after a run as when I started. The physical and mental challenge that each run gives is like pressing the reset button on my mindset. The whole world seems better after a run. If you can make yourself go finish a run that you didn’t want to do, then you can make yourself do anything.

My proudest personal achievement: My proudest personal achievement is career-related, and frankly boring if you aren’t familiar with the aviation business, so let’s talk about my proudest running achievement: I am most proud of the four marathons I ran from December 2016 to May 2017, one of which was a PR and all of them without injury. Next up on the running goal list: Running the Sabino Canyon tram road bottom to top, round-trip, in less than an hour.