Leo Richard

Why I enjoy coaching: I’m new to coaching but not to running. Over the years, older runners inspired me to dream big. Fellow runners encouraged me through the ups and downs. Along the way, “coaches” believed in me and helped me in my quest to be my best. Whatever your goal in running, my sincere hope is to be a “coach” who can inspire you, encourage you and help you to be your best!

My favorite coaching moment: Years ago, while out on a run, I was joined by a teenager, in his dingy gray sweats, struggling through his run. He was new to running but eager to try out for his high school cross country team. We decided to run together for the next few weeks while I shared with him the basics. By the fall, he easily made the team. It brought joy to my heart to know that I had helped him in his success.

What motivates me to run:  When I was young, it was all about competition! We trained to be faster and go further. We felt invincible. Now that I’m older and slower, it’s all about the health benefits, the time with friends and also those quiet moments alone. I still enjoy the competition and have a great passion for this sport. But, as the years go by, it’s a challenge for me to let go of younger goals and grow old graciously! My dad’s wisdom before he passed: “Keep on running!”