RRCA Certified

Pattie Reaves

Why I enjoy coaching:

Running has been such a positive force in my life and I love sharing that energy with others.

My favorite coaching moment:

I haven’t been an athletic coach before, but I did used to have a semi popular blog where I chronicled my own journey from the couch to 5k to running a marathon. I loved hearing from others who found my blog about how surprised they were that they could, in fact, “be a runner” after starting the couch to 5k, too.

What motivates me to run:

So many things, like

– Meeting new people.
– Getting a chance to be alone.
– Seeing myself get more capable.
– Experiencing the outdoors.
– Modeling a healthy lifestyle for my kid.
– Sharing in other runners’ successes.
– Being a part of a wonderful community.
– The feeling of a hot (or, in the summer, cold) shower afterwards.

My proudest personal achievement:

In all of life, that’s hard to answer!, but athletically, it’s the 70.3 distance (half Ironman) triathlon I finished in June 2019. I had a labral tear injury in my right hip that kept me from running for several years. Every time I tried to ramp up to more than a few miles of running per week I would be in incredible pain. I underwent surgery to correct the injury in August 2017. I had run marathons before but I had to start over completely. It was humbling. I built my fitness back up slowly. I knew that if I pushed myself too hard or too fast, it could set back my recovery. I set progressively bigger goals for myself and over 2 years I was able to cross the finish line of a distance and an event I had never done before. Your fitness and abilities are gifts. I don’t intend to take mine for granted.