Head Coach RRCA Certified

Sean Smith

Coach for the following running groups: Running 365 – 10K to 13.1 M Prep, Running 365 – 26.2 Prep, SWEThogs

Why I enjoy coaching: I think that more than anything I love the “a-ha” moments when someone runs further, faster, easier.. than they ever have before and all of a sudden realize that this is fun. It’s in those moments that lifelong runners are made, and that is one of my goals, to help folks find that pleasure in running.

My favorite coaching moment: Not one moment but a collection of moments. I love getting to be at the finish line and watch athletes that I have worked with and trained with, finish their events. Even if they didn’t ‘hit their goals’ they are excited to have finished and there are generally a few “a-ha’s” to be had at the finish line. I have seen first time 5k runners cross and cry with excitement and joy having completed their first ever race, and full marathoners finish their umpteenth race and have the same emotion and everything in between.

What motivates me to run: Piece of mind. When I am out for a run, no matter the distance or effort level, I am able to take my head out of the office, out of the current world situation, just out. I get to spend time with like-minded people (well they are becoming like-minded, see “why I enjoy coaching”). The additional health benefits are a bonus to me, and of course, burning a few extra calories allows me some minor indulgences (love me some ice cream and occasional beer).

My proudest personal achievement: 2017, running my first sub-5hr marathon in Mesa, AZ. 2016, completing my first half Iron-Man in Oceanside CA (okay, sorry, that is two!)