RRCA Certified

Terri Dalton

Coach for the following running groups: Running 365 – 10K to 13.1 M Prep,  SWEThogs

Why I enjoy coaching: It is all about the people! I have met some of the most amazing people in these run groups and I am so blessed to call them friends. When I first started running, my coaches were part of what made my experience so enjoyable; they were supportive, motivating, and encouraging. They shared your excitement in reaching even the smallest goal, and my hope is to be that kind of coach.

My favorite coaching moment: There is nothing better than seeing someone you’ve worked with reach that goal they never thought they could!

What motivates me to run: I run to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Physically: I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic about 7 years ago. I changed my way of life when it came to diet and exercise, but it seemed like no matter what type of exercise I did, my numbers kept slowly climbing. However once I started running, my numbers started to drop and have finally become more normalized. I am hoping that with consistent running I will eventually be out of that pre-diabetic range. Mentally: I have a very stressful job and there are days when only a run can save my sanity. Running helps keep me centered and pulls me out of the funk on rough days

My proudest personal achievement: Singing the National Anthem at my brother’s military retirement ceremony. It was a very moving and special event; I was so honored he asked me to be a part of it.