What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Leigh Anne

    Leigh Anne

    There is always someone out there, ready to encourage me, inspire me and help me get to the next mile

  • Sean

    The training is always centered on keeping the running experience positive and fun.

  • Karen


    Such a diverse group of folks with differing styles and paces and we are all made to feel welcome and supported.

  • Jack

    Everyone wants to see you succeed and you gain the confidence to know you CAN run a half marathon.

  • Matt


    Two and a half years ago, I went looking for a group to run. I was looking for an opportunity to meet new runners on the northwest part of Tucson and to improve my running form and get back to enjoying running. I wandered into the Fleet Feet Store and met Jeanne and Pete Snell. It has been one of the best things I have done in life. I have been part of the 10K group and half marathon group and have learned so much about myself and running. Through their clinics and training groups I have met some great people, get support and encouragement and I am having a great time. There are lots of great running groups in town but check out Southwest Endurance Training. Come join us.