Custom Training Plans from Southwest Endurance Training

A quick search of the internet will reveal dozens of free training plans for all types of races.  That free plan on the internet may be the same distance you are training for.  It may also be made for your goal finish time.  So why would you pay for a training plan?  Because a free plan doesn’t take your real pace into consideration.

SWET training plans have two elements.  One is the mileage element you can get from any free plan.  The other is the pacing element that is written FOR YOU telling you exactly how fast you should be running in training.  The pacing element is critical for a successful training cycle, as good pacing during the training cycle helps you reach your goals, while avoiding burnout and possible injury.  How fast matters as much as how far.

Reasons to choose a SWET training plan:

  • We offer 5K, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon training plans for all experience levels.
  • RRCA certified coaches write our plans.
  • If you have a question about your plan, you can reach out and talk to a real, live coach.
  •  The pacing element is based on a predicted finish time based on your previous racing results or time trials.
  • We will include suggested track and hill workouts to fit the track day workouts on the plan.
  • An optional add on to the training plan providing you with weekly, mapped, long run route suggestions.
  • We can prove SWET training plans work; they are the same plans the runners in our groups use.

To write your custom training plan, we will need to know:

  • Goal race and date
  • Goal finish time
  • Previous race date, distance and result

Custom training plans are $50.  Custom training plan with Tucson Metro route option is $90.

To sign up for a custom training plan, please register here.