Why pay for the group? How is different/better than what I can find on the Internet?

Truth is, it’s not too hard to create a generic 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon training plan – why pay for what you can print off the internet? The true “value” is individualizing it and having to be accountable!! We want everyone to run at her/his own pace and not feel pressured to keep up, or slow down, to stay with the group. We help you figure out what YOUR running pace should be to successfully meet your goals. Whether you’re just beginning to run or training for your first marathon, we’ll help put on a path for success and be there for you all the way along. A generic plan just can’t do that.
Our group will offer a 12-20 week plan that will target each person’s race. So the group runs will be offered in a range of distances depending on what week you plan to race. But, what really helps individualize it is the pacing clinic we do at the outset. We help our runners understand how to train to make it to the starting line, have a good experience on race day, meet their goals, and continue to run afterward.
A perfect example of what we try to help folks understand is that you really WANT to have a time goal. If for no other reason to know how long you will be out there working. We believe most everyone, even for “fun” races, needs to plan for the time they are exercising. If you want to have a good experience, you need to know what your pace needs to be, how to plan nutrition, how to handle the terrain, etc. Having the planning session in the beginning and then someone to consult with (coach) along the way will change how you experience race day. You may surprise yourself and you may even have a great time. No guarantees, but it’s our goal.