Why Do I Need a Running Coach?

If you have never tried running with a coach who specializes in running, it is likely you have developed some misconceptions about the sport, and probably a few bad habits.

For many people, running was something a teacher forced them to do in a physical education class for fitness, or was a used as punishment by a cranky coach in school or a drill sergeant in the military.  Most people are never properly taught to run; they sprint until exhausted or nauseous after only a few minutes.  This is the wrong way to run because 90% of the miles you run for training or fitness should be at a pace you can comfortably have a conversation with someone running with you – any faster than that, and you are potentially setting yourself up for failure or worse, injury.


There is no substitute for running with a coach.

Aspiring runners who have downloaded plans from the internet and started training in earnest for that goal race can find themselves injured and dejected after a few weeks of training.  This is because they are training too hard and with no guidance in the proper pre and post run care necessary to stay healthy.  Additionally, the invention of the modern running shoe in the 1970’s is both a blessing and a curse for new runners because the cushioning in modern shoes can hide poor technique and form that can rapidly result in an injury.  You can’t see yourself run, you need someone experienced to run with you, analyze and provide feedback on your upper and lower body form, pace, cadence and technique.

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