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Arizona Sunrise Series Tucson

We have a new race series coming to Tucson, the StartLine Racing Arizona Sunrise Series Tucson.  There are six races total.  The races are in the morning, in case the “Sunrise”in the title didn’t clue you in.  The races are staggered every other week from June 1 to August 10th.  Each race is a 5k.  Judging by the venue locations, they are flat races; they should be fast.  If you are looking for new racing opportunities this summer, this might your opportunity.

SWEThogs training will get you ready!

If you have already heard about the series, and are looking to train for these races, our SWEThogs training group starts April 6 and runs until the end of June.  SWEThogs will prepare you for series with runs three days a week, Saturday morning long runs and track sessions is the evening that will build your speed and heat tolerance.

I am interested in running this series.  My training plan is to work on speed this spring for the summer races, I think racing a bunch of 5ks might be the ticket.  I love running in the heat for the extra challenge it provides.  Why live in the desert just to hide in the air conditioning?


Information and registration for the StartLine Racing Arizona Sunrise Series Tucson can be found here:

Register for SWEThogs here:


-Coach Brandon

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