Meet 5K Runner Myron Pecora!

Think you can’t run?  Myron finished a 5K six months after a hip replacement after training with our 5K Running Start group.   We can get YOU there too.


“About 6 months ago I shattered my hip, landing on concrete while competing in football with young fellows half my age! It has been a long, slow recovery—starting with me unable to even sit up. I progressed through a walker, then a cane and finally tentative steps on my own. At 65, this was my first major injury, and it had a dramatic negative impact on my confidence in my body. 
Then my wife suggested that I do a 5K beginners running group with Southwest Endurance Training in Tucson. At first, I did not trust my legs to land and keep me upright. But my coaches, Autumn and Brandon Ball stayed with me, and taught me the right running form for both uphill and my scary first downhill runs. I kept plugging along, and someone in our team group of runners always came back for me as we increased our run-walk interval training every week. There is a lot to be said about having teammates to cheer you on, and pick you up.
After 12 weeks or so of training intervals, finally Race Day arrived—and do did I. It was the AZ Distance Classic, and I ran “only” a 5K, but the cheers and encouragement overshadowed my sore hip. I finished the race, very grateful for my teammates and the SWET coaches. I may not run fast—but I am out moving every day now whether walking or golfing or hiking. Such a wonderful feeling, and a special thanks to my wife who nudged me forward. I am proud of our running group, and I try to show up to provide encouragement to anyone who I can support. I am behind them—in spirit and during the runs!”

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