Races I Love: Run With The Roosters

I’m looking forward to Run With the Roosters on July 14th.  Here’s a few reasons I love this race:

  • It’s a five mile race.  I think it crosses the threshold for just long enough that it’s worth getting up early in the morning to go racing, but it’s not an all morning event.
  • It’s a summer race.  I’m in the definite minority in that I like running in the heat.  I don’t have to worry about how to dress to run and still be comfortable at the starting line.  Tank and shorts.  Easy.
  • Rolling hills.  Love me some hills.  Just put a little hill training in, and you have an immediate advantage over other runners that are allergic to hill training.
  • It’s 4 miles from my house.  It’s one of only a handful of Tucson races that I don’t have to make a 45 minute commute to get to the race.
  • The Tucson Mountain Park desert is beautiful to run through.
  • It’s a small local race.  Makes the chances of placing in your division better.  SWET usually does pretty good in age group awards.
  • They have cool trophies.  I’m not just saying that because I have two of them.  I mean, look at ’em.  Who doesn’t want a little rooster?  It’s amazing how much harder I will push through a race for the chance at a little plastic chicken on a pedestal.

    Way more proud of these than I should be.
  • There’s a mascot in a chicken suit who’s entertaining and sweating way worse than the runners.
  • There’s breakfast.  Measurable irony in that it’s eggs. Hopefully they weren’t laid by the mascot.
  • The sunrise over the Tucson Mountains gives you yet another opportunity reflect, marvel and appreciate that we don’t HAVE to run… We GET to to run.
  • I have a legitimate reason to wear these socks in public.  My wife can’t stop me.

Information about Run With the Roosters can be found here:


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