Fall 2020 Tucson Running Groups

Fall Running Groups Begin in August!

Coronavirus has disrupted running events, causing the cancellation of most events over the last few months.  Race directors are still scheduling Fall events, but the pandemic is still evolving and putting uncertainty into upcoming events.   We’ve selected our goal races for fall, but there is no guarantee that these events will go as planned.  Racing or not, SWET is still training this fall.  Scientific knowledge about Covid-19 is still growing, but we feel that with proper social distancing, running and training outside is relatively safe.   SWET will continue to monitor and comply with any public health guidance, rules, or stay-at-home orders should conditions change.

Socially Distanced Stretching

SWET is committed to our runners and community.  We know that many people have been financially impacted by coronavirus.  They may be finding it impossible to spend money on fitness while struggling to pay bills.  Fitness is not a luxury!  If you are in a financial situation making it impossible to spend money on fitness, your training with SWET is free of charge.  Use code “getbackup” when registering with any of our groups below to remove the group registration fees.  Additionally, if there is any gear you need, please let us know so we can rally our running community and business partners to help.

We are looking forward to running with you in August!



5K Training Groups – Our Running Start groups are your introduction to running.  Serving beginning runners, we teach run/walk interval training to ease new and returning runners into the program, with the goal at the end of the program of running a 5K race.  Click here for more information about our Running Start program.

Group Start Date: August 4, 2020

Goal Race:

  • TMC Get Moving 5K, October 25

Register here: https://swendurancetraining.redpodium.com/fall-2020-running-start-5k-program


10K-Half Marathon Training Groups – The 10K-Half Marathon training groups are the next step up in our programs and our most popular groups. Suitable for graduates of our 5k groups and runners stepping up to 10k, and 10k runners stepping up to the half marathon, these groups prep you for that next distance goal.  We have advanced plans for experienced runners of these distances as well.  Click here for more information about this group.

Group Start Date: August 1, 2020

Goal Races:

  • 10K – Tucson Wicked 10K, October 18
  • Half Marathon – TMC Get Moving A-Mountain Half Marathon, October 27

Register Here: https://swendurancetraining.redpodium.com/fall-2020-10k131m-training-group


Marathon Training Group – Cross the marathon off your bucket list with SWET.  There is no super-human ability required to run a marathon, it only requires your commitment to the time to put in the miles.  Having a group of people to do the miles with makes it easier.  Click here for more information about marathon group and starting fitness requirements.

Group Start Date: August 8, 2020

Goal Race:

  • Tucson Marathon, December 5

Register Here: https://swendurancetraining.redpodium.com/fall-2020-262m-training-program

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