5K Running Start Groups Resume and STaT Begins May 27

Coronavirus isn’t done with us yet, and we all have a role to play to keep to keep ourselves and each other healthy.


We have been agonizing over the decision to resume our groups over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve seen a few professional fitness groups in the parks skirting the rules hosting group workouts, but we didn’t believe that we could effectively separate our runners to maintain safety for each other.  We also didn’t think that hosting our groups would set the right example for the community.

That said, with the lifting of the Stay-At-Home order, we feel comfortable enough to begin a STaT session and resume the 5K Running Start groups that began before the order.  I say comfortable enough because we are still nervous about whether this is the right thing to do.  We are concerned first and foremost about the health and safety of our runners.  But just as important as our physical health is our mental health, and we all know the best medicine for the stress and worry of this unprecedented time is to lace up your shoes and GO FOR A DAMN RUN!


Dr. Coach has diagnosed from those depleted Strava miles that many of us are off our meds.  So it’s time to get the groups going.


Starting May 19, 5k Running Start groups resume and on May 27, STaT-Strength, Track and Trail begins with the following changes:

  • We runners are tough and thrive on challenge, but if you’re sick, stay home.  If you’re not sure if you’re sick, stay home.
  • We do not believe that 6 feet of separation is enough to keep huffing and puffing runners from spraying each other with ‘rona, so we are highly encouraging, but not mandating, our runners mask up.  Remember folks, a mask isn’t meant to protect you.  It’s meant to protect those around you from something you are unknowingly carrying.  I highly recommend a Buff Coolnet (link here) for a mask while running.
Cover your Whoooos!
  • Our track sessions will be broken up into smaller groups at opposite ends of the track to impart as much separation as possible.
  • We will not be using shared fitness equipment for this session of STaT.  Runners will want to bring their own yoga mats for the strength exercises.
  • We will not be bringing a water jug.  Runners will want to bring more water than normal because there will be no refills.
  • We will not be hosting a SWEThogs group this summer, due to the shortened summer season. You won’t have long to wait though as we are already making plans for 5K Running Start, 10K/Half and Marathon groups beginning in August.  If you registered for SWEThogs already, we will contact you to refund your entry or apply it to a future group.
  • If you registered for STaT, and are not comfortable with running with a group at this time, or your financial situation has changed due to Covid-19, please contact us so we can refund your money.


Finally, we are going to come out the other side of this sometime, but this pandemic is causing many people economic hardship.  When you are trying to figure out how to pay your bills, many people consider the money they spend on fitness to be a luxury and it’s the first thing they cut.  Fitness is not a luxury!  Fitness is essential for your physical and mental health, both of which are critical for you to get back on your feet.  If this is your situation, you run with us free of charge.  Register for any of our groups using the code “GETBACKUP” to remove the entry fee.  Additionally, if there is any gear you need, please let us know so we can rally our our running community and business partners to help.


We can’t wait to see you again, from a respectful distance of course.


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