2020 STaT Wrap Up

We are super proud of our runners who braved the heat, smoke, rocks, pokey things and Covid to complete our STaT program.  
After crunching the STaT stats, in the group that completed the sanctioned final mile, there was an average improvement of 5.5%.
If we were to declare winners (y’all are winners anyway), the winningest winner would be Beth M, who knocked an amazing 2:05 off her mile time, improving 15.8%! Second place goes to Steve D, 50 seconds and 10.3%. Third place goes to Marie B with a 56 second improvement and 9.3%
We made a video showcasing how bad-ass this group of runners is.  We apologize if we missed any group members in this video.  Hope you like it, and thank you so much for your patience and flexibility during this challenging training session!

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