Southwest Endurance Training Fall Enrollment Update

We are one week away from our fall sessions starting.  10K/Half Marathon Group Starts August 1, 5K Running Start begins August 4 and Marathon Group starts August 8.  We have set up the groups to target goal races like the normal SWET M.O.  Will we have races to run?  Who knows.  But does it really matter?

We’re all runners.  But pandemic has us cooped up and anxious.  So to hell with races being cancelled.  Run anyway.  Better yet, go run with a bunch of other people just as stir-crazy as you.  There is one gym that isn’t closed; it’s the one outside in the big blue room.  

We are doing our typical SWET family registration procrastination (looking at you, Half Marathoners), but so far we have a promising group of people joining us for fall sessions:

  • We are really excited about our 5K Running Start program – we have the largest group of 5K registrations since SWET left the partnership with the shoe store that shan’t be named.  So far, we have nine runners for the Northwest 5K group and 7 for the East side.  5 of those are brand new to SWET.
  • We currently have five registrations for Marathon Group, two of those are brand new SWET runners.  I KNOW there’s some lurkers out there who are marathon curious.  If you’ve got the base miles, sign up.  Testing yourself with marathon training is incredibly rewarding, and if you’ve never done a marathon, why are you waiting?  It’s not like you are going to the movies, bars and clubs on Friday night, so getting up before the sun on Saturday mornings is on the table.
  • And then there is the 10K / Half Marathon group.  3 Northwest, 5 East.  *pbbbbbft* (disappointed Coach face).


We know people are concerned with group running right now.  If you are sitting this session out due to COVID we completely understand, we hope you and your families are well and staying safe.  We look forward to having you back in happier times!  For those of you joining us or on the fence, we will run the groups with as many precautions as we can take.  Being outside exercising is generally considered safe, but we will ask everyone to maintain social distance and mask if we can’t maintain it, either on the road or at the track.  Additionally, we are generally avoiding The Loop for runs this session so as to minimize exposure to other traffic.  

Finally, if you are affected financially by the pandemic, you run with us for free.  Fitness isn’t a luxury, it’s critical to your physical and mental health, and we all need to stay as healthy as we can right now.  Use code “Getbackup” to remove the registration fees when you sign up.  


See you soon!


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