Rat Race…

…or SWETrats.

(I couldn’t settle on a title).

As we are wrapping up our 2021 Fall running sessions (not you Ultra runners – keep getting up at ugly o’clock to do your miles), we are faced with having too much year left at the end of our running.  So we’ve devised something a little different to cap off the year.

The RunAround Tucson Relay will be held on January, 1 2022.  This race is a team relay race around the Loop.   There are up to 11 legs in the race, ranging in distance from 3.5 to 8.5 miles.

We at SWET are going to set up training teams for the RAT, and run the race as as a team (probably more than two, depending on number of participants).  Some details:

  • Group training starts November 9 (formally called the Holiday 10K Training Program)
  • Training distance will be 10K based
  • ALL SWET runners are encouraged to join us, especially our newly graduated 5K runners!
  • We are training as a single, large group.  Weekday training will be a centralized as possible, to minimize inconvenience.
  • Training will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday morning.
  • Saturday morning runs will be all over town – a great opportunity to run in new places.
  • As close to pace goals as possible, we are going to pair up our runners into RAT leg teams, with the intention of that sub-team running their goal leg(s) together on race day.
  • RAT race registration will be included with your SWET registration (selected during group registration).

If you can’t run the RAT on Jan 1, you are still encouraged to train with us.  Another race option is the Southern Arizona Roadrunners Sun Run 10k/5k on January 9.  Or run with us just to run with us!

Registration for the Holiday 10k Training program can be found here:


RAT Race Info  https://runsignup.com/Race/Info/AZ/Tucson/RATucson

Questions?  Contact autumn@SWET.run


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