SWET Run From Covid 50K, Marathon, and Half Marathon Details

Marathon and Half Marathon Route Link

50K Add On Route Link


We are a week and a half out from the SWET “Run From Covid” 50K, Marathon and Half Marathon.  Here’s how this is going down:

  • The Run From Covid is happening on Decemeber 5th.
  • The race is a point-to-point race.  It is net downhill.  Links to the route map are above.
  • Because this race is low budget, this is not a closed course race.  You must follow SWET guidelines for running facing traffic.
  • Your safety is paramount.  All motor vehicles have the right of way, or your race may end with an ambulance ride.
  • Please make sure you have Autumn or Brandon’s phone numbers in your phone in case of emergencies.  Autumn 520-288-0318.  Brandon 520-907-4041
  • We will have aid stations with nutrition and water at the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 and finish line marathon marks.  You are required to carry water that can cover the distances between those stations that you can fill on arrival.
  • All groups (except 50K) be embarking together from the start at NW corner of Swan and Sunrise. Route briefing will be at 6:45.  You need to be in position and ready to run at 7am.
  • Our  lone 50K runner is starting from Orange Grove Middle School at 5:50.  When she arrives at the half and full Marathon start line, we will start the half and full marathons.
  • The finish line for the half marathon is on the Pantano path, just east of Sabino Canyon bridge.
  • The finish line for the full marathon and 50K is the National Bank of Arizona parking lot at La Cholla and River.
  • We recommend you buddy up with another runner to park one car at the start, and one at the finish, or have a family member drop you off and pick you up.  If you don’t have a ride, reach out to us and we will have a volunteer ferry you back to your car at the start.
  • Volunteers, please be at the marathon start at 6:30 so we can assign duties and finalize the logistics.
  • Please post any questions in the comment section on the Facebook SWET Runner page, we will answer them there.  If you aren’t on Facebook, text Brandon with questions.

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