Southwest Endurance Training Spring 2021 Training

Spring is in the air, vaccines are going in arms, let’s go run!


I, for one, am happy for it to be warming up outside.  I am happiest running when it is warm, my running gets lazy when it’s cold and dark outside.  It also looks like a good chance that racing will return to semi-normal this fall, as more and more people are vaccinated.  That doesn’t mean we can drop our guard.  SWET will continue to practice masking and social distancing on our group runs, until the smart people with PhDs tells us it is OK to unmask and hug non-family members.

Here’s our spring plans!

Running Start 5K Training Group

  • March 23, 2021 to June 5, 2021
  • This group is intended for brand new beginning runners, or people returning from a long absence from running.
  • This group exclusively teaches the run/walk method to get you to the starting line of a 5K.
  • Goal race, TBD (damn you, Covid)
  • More information can be found in the links above, or register HERE

STaT – Strength, Track and Trail

  • April 7, 2021 to May 5, 2021
  • SWET STaT is a 9 session running program focused on improving your short distance running speed and strength.  STaT meets Wednesday evenings at the track and uniquely, Saturday mornings for trail runs.  This group is an excellent option for runners looking to increase their military or government Physical Fitness Test run scores.
  • STaT is intended for all abilities of runners (including those who run/walk), but it is recommended you are currently 30 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • More information can be found in the links above, or register HERE

Summer SWEThogs

  • Immediately after STaT ends, we start SWEThogs, our summer maintenance running program.
  • SWEThogs will keep you in running shape through the summer months, build on the speed you picked up in STaT, or provide a stepping stone to 10k distance for our graduating 5K runners.
  • Goal race – Run With the Roosters
  • More information can be found in the links above, or register HERE

Why Southwest Endurance Training?

  • Our focus is new and novice runners.  5K Running Start group teaches brand new runners the fundamentals of endurance running, no experience necessary.  Our first day workout is to run or jog for 1 minute, walk for 3 minutes and do that for a total of 40 minutes.  By graduation day, June 5, 2021, you will be running intervals of 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking for 5 kilometers.
  • SWET has now safely conducted three training cycles during the pandemic.  We enforce mask wearing when social distance can’t be maintained, and maintaining social distance is easy in the great outdoors.
  • Running Start group is only the beginning. All SWET programs are designed to build off Running Start, taking you as far and as fast as you want to go.
  • We welcome all people in our running groups.  We believe that regardless of your age, sex, race or fitness level, you have a place with us.  Our groups are non-competitive; we support and encourage all of our runners.
  • Our groups are coach-led.  Coaches are right there with you to give advise and encouragement.
  • We have separate groups serving the Northwest and East sides of the Tucson metro.
  • If you are affected financially by the pandemic, you run with us for free.  Fitness isn’t a luxury, it’s critical to your physical and mental health, and we all need to stay as healthy as we can right now.  Use code “Getbackup” to remove the registration fees when you sign up.

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