Fall Running Groups Enrollment Update

Fall Running Groups Start is Still A Few Weeks Off, But…

The links for fall running groups sign-up have been live for a few weeks, here is an update on enrollment numbers thus far.


10k/13.1M Group – 8

Marathon Group – 3

5k Running Start– 5

Track only – 1


I wouldn’t call our runners “procrastinators”, but we like to get to track at the last minute, get in that Porta-Potty line five minutes before race start, and take that gel 3 miles too late.  Sign up for new sessions is no different.  The running group sign-ups tend to come in at the last minute, so I’m not panicking.  I think it’s funny that we can plan a destination race weekend months in advance, but clicking that “Registration” drop down button at the top of the page is a last minute affair.

Go ahead, knock that to-do off your list, we know you’re in for fall training.  We all know none of us want to be “last”.  See if you can get a podium finish in your division in the race to sign-up.

Signing up now helps us grow the groups.

Seriously though, we have had a significant amount new interest spring up from runners looking for training from our meet ‘n greets and from the recent focus on our web presence.   We are super excited about a contact we had with a major local employer who might be interested in a partnership (not gonna publicly tell you who that is, yet).  We love the idea of growing our club, and YOU can help by signing up for your fall training now so that when potential new runners ask about our club, we can tell them just how many people are running in our groups in the fall.  I think we all agree that our groups are way more fun with more people.

You can also help by reaching out to those family members, friends, co-workers, etc who are in awe of how bad-ass you are as a runner and wish they were the same.  Help them get off the fence and commit to a training group.  Show them some of our runner stories and testimonials on the website.   Lock them in a room with a computer and don’t let them out to go to the bathroom until they’ve signed up for a training group (OK maybe that’s a little extreme, Andrea).

New runners can always try our groups for free for two weeks, give them the code “2wktrial” when they register.  We don’t ask for a dime until they decide that they are going to stick with a SWET training group.

Fall training group information can be found here or in the drop downs above.

As always, Autumn is happy to answer any questions you may have, and now she even comes with a shiny new email address:  autumn@swet.run


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