2020 Winter Training Groups

Don’t hibernate this winter, get out and run! 

We hear a lot about “I don’t like to run in the summer, it’s too hot (even though it makes me a stronger runner)”.  Your excuses have run out, Heat 2019 is behind us!  Best yet, our Winter 2020 training groups start by the middle of December so you can run THROUGH the holidays and get proactive on that New Years resolution.  Sometimes you even get incredible scenes like this:

Dont waste these views sleeping in…


Southwest Endurance Training has 5k, 10k/13.1 and Track Only running groups starting in December, targeting the Arizona Distance Classic as our goal races.  SWET training groups are fully coach led, meet 2-3 times per week, and focus on beginning to intermediate runners. SWET training groups serve metro Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana and Vail runners.  As always, you can try our groups free for two weeks to find out if we are right for you.  Much more information can be found on our groups and how we are different at www.SWET.run or click on the links below.  


5K Training Groups – Our Running Start groups are your introduction to running.  Serving beginning runners, we teach run/walk interval training to ease new and returning runners into the program, with the goal at the end of the program of running a 5K race.

Group Start Date: December 10, 2019

Goal Race:

  • Arizona Distance Classic, March 15, 2020

Register Here: https://swendurancetraining.redpodium.com/winter-2020-running-start-5k-prep


10K-Half Marathon Training Groups – The 10K-Half Marathon training groups are the next step up in our programs and our most popular groups. Suitable for graduates of our 5k groups and runners stepping up to 10k, and 10k runners stepping up to the half marathon, these groups prep you for that next distance goal.

Group Start Date: December 14, 2019

Goal Races:

  • Arizona Distance Classic, March 15, 2020

Register Here: https://swendurancetraining.redpodium.com/winter-2020-10k131m-training-group


Track Only – Wednesday Night Fast – Need track work, but the groups aren’t right for you?  We have you covered here too!  Our track only option starts again on December 18th.

Register Here: https://swendurancetraining.redpodium.com/winter-2020-track-only

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